Option to add audio delay to specific movies/tv shows

I’m using an Apple TV 3rd gen with my LG C2 and a Sonos System. Unfortunately Multichannel PCM doesn’t sound great on my system. Sonos does have a history of handling of uncompressed audio not quite the right way. In order to normalize volume levels, compress the dynamic range and improve voice clarity i use the “Change Format” option of the Apple TV to transcode everything to “Dolby Digital 5.1”. This process is of course not recommended, but to my ears this sounds way more intelligible and natural than uncompressed Multichannel PCM.

The issue with this process however is that i get a delay with certain videos that don’t have HDR or DV. Not sure why, probably has something to do with how infuse handles HDR and DV internally. I have to set a negative delay of -200ms to those videos (mostly 1080p stuff). Unfortunately the delay can only be set globally. I would love to have the option to set a delay to specific movies/tv shows. Is that someting thats already on a future roadmap?


I would also love the ability to apply audio delay uniquely to any videos.

Have you ever used Apple TV’s “Wireless Audio Sync” feature? It seems like it could solve your issue.

Yes, I tried that already. Unfortunately it didn’t help with the delay. It fixed the SDR delay but then HDR/DV stuff was out of sync. It basically just shifted the problem.
I’m actually considering switching to a Ugoos AM6B Plus device running CoreElec. Might solve all my audio issues and as a plus I get DV7 FEL support as well :man_shrugging:

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Same issue since new version !!!

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