Option for Trakt metadata

Could it be possible to simply add Trakt as metadata provider? You’re already talking to them to update Watched statuses.

You could use Trakt when logged in, TMDB when not. Though I would like the option to decide which metadata provider to use.


I believe that Trakt is already using TMDb for their data.

Not all of their data comes from TMDB

According to their site the vast majority does.

And thus… Still not all!

Care to share where else?

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The only time data doesn’t come from TMDB is if it doesn’t exist on TMDB.

Let’s try to explain: before TMDB there was TVDB, and TVDB had (for example)
whereas TMDB decided to put every “episode” as a movie

Trakt still has the TV Show

I update my system from Catsalina to Monterey and decide to put Infuse on it as well. After adding the original library/favorites ( a different annoyance, a different thread) I find instead of the expected 16 in others a whopping 69! WTF?

Apparently it had trouble identifying Happy Tree Friends, why I don’t know. But after rectifying Infuse it is now 25… Still 9 more than iOS/TVOS. Which begs another quesiton what is exactly synced?

Now I see that it is mostly documentaries that are not identified, one of them being a documentary called “Penis Envy”, which according to TMDB is a movie
according to TVDB a series
and to Trakt both

Next up is a documentary called “Space Files”. TMDB knows nothing
TVDB says Show!
Trakt agrees that is is a show

Next on bat: Lava Land. Another documentary, you see a common theme forming here?
TMDB thinks it is something German and a movie
and the only one I care about Trakt says it is a series as well:

Hence… Let Trakt be leading or give the user the choice!
These are just a few examples based on the current movbe of adding Infuse to Monterey.

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Honestly mate - why are you even bothering …… not your fault - but this is all old news to all of us ……. The problem here is that library maintenance is not on Firecore radar at all - the ridiculous naming on TMDB is simply rubbish - and requested ratings and database storage on NAS are part of this running request blog and have been TOTALLY IGNORED by Firecore for YEARS - yes …… YEARS ! So vent away my friend but I’m afraid no one’s listening :cry:

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I do.
I have several hundred documentary files BBC , History Channel, Discovery, Nat-Geo etc.

Many of those co existed on tmdb as Movies already (with their own poster covers.)

That left around 350 that tmdb had no idea about.

Now I have personally added many of them to tmdb I have around 40 to go.
On my next days off the remainder will be added.

When Trakt refreshes they are all seen and scrobble just fine.
Also as movies a particular documentary is far easier to find in my library.

All that said I would be more than happy to pay extra to have an option to use our own TVDB api.

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They are already talking to Trakt to relay Watched status and such. So in my opinion it shouldn’t be too difficult to use Trakt’s API.

Then there should be an option to use the big three: IMDB, TVDB, TMDB. Though I am not sure whether IMDB has an API.

When I said “vent away” I didn’t think you’d take me so seriously !!! :joy:

That’s why I mentioned the ability to use our own TVDB api license.

TVDB now charge to use their api.

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Would be a good option. I am willing to pay for an api that returns the data correctly.

OMG - Loads of us are willing to pay - and have said so for years now BUT NO ONES LISTENING TO US !!! You do understand that right ???

Sync with Trakt all your lists etc would be amazing :slight_smile:

I think Infuse is doing a lot good things under the hood but we need also new features regarding content, filters, syncing with Trakt, Trailers etc.

Hardly years.

That implies a minimum of 2 years.
They only switched to TMDB for shows under a year ago.

Already voted for this as it makes total sense.

Infuse is already heavily integrated with Trakt so why not use Trakt metadata.


Trakt has done a great job reconsiliating data from TVDB and TMDB, and made sure that TVDB data is used when TMDB doesn’t have the data.


Tom and Jerry collection is one example of that.


But am I correct in thinking (using Tom & Jerry as an example) that Infuse natively will still have no idea what the files are?

Never mind.
I just saw the other discussion on it.

Please copy Jellyfin on metadata handling.