Option for quick on/off subtitles on Apple TV

Any chance we get quick on/off of subs for tvOS? I upgraded just now but do not see anything.


really want this on tvOS … in fact what I really want is the option in the subtitles to not display forced subtitles … but I understand that the dev team don’t understand the need of it

You mean other than in the settings > playback > subtitles where you can choose On, Forced Only, or Off?

Yes, I would like an extra option there “ignore forced subtitles”

I’m looking a movie with English track don’t display English forced subtitles like it is today
I’m looking a French movie display the English subtitles (not the forced one)

I would recommend to create a new suggestion thread for this

the suggestion is there: Subtitles "only with foreign audio" option - #29 by mamedc34 since a while … but here is to do a quick on/off … that will work too … on tvOS

Moving this to its own thread for now.

Honestly, I’m not sure what this would look like on tvOS as the option is already relatively easy to access and does not interrupt playback (unlike previous iOS versions).

I see it like the AppleTV+ application, on the bottom right…