Option for landscape view in top shelf

In up next, portrait view is used and it just shows the season image instead of the episode image. I feel it would be better in landscape. Movies could also use landscape and would look fine.


Would you consider adding more layout options for the top row carousel on Apple TV?

Right now it only supports the list of posters. But ATV also provides a full screen carousel (ATV+ style) and horizontal thumbnails list (Amazon Prime Video style).

It would be nice to have an option to select the layout one likes the most.


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It would be great to have the option for Infuse to display the 16x9 artwork used in the app’s watchlist for the Top Shelf on the tvOS home screen rather than the poster art.

Most apps use 16x9 artwork with the tvOS Top Shelf such as Netflix and Prime Video and the option to use this with Infuse would be appreciated.


I would love this! Apple tv does a great job with this

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This is my only nit-pick with infuse (except the up next season thing but that’s being fixed!)

I agree showing season posters in the top shelf just weirds me out.

You either want to watch a show or the next episode but not a season.

So just showing the landscape posters like in the „Up Next“ would be a big improvement

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