Option for both TMDB and TVDB

Yes, all your comments are right on the money. I hadn’t realized about the release dates changing after being entered. I was adding new entries and noticed a handful release dates were wonky. Now I know why- Thanks. and yeah what the hell is going on with the posters. Its RIDICULOUS. And the RUSSIAN ONES! FOR GODS SAKE. I can understand and read some but I DONT WANT THAT CRAP on my system if the media isn’t Russian!!

I hope you are seeing these recent comments. Other users are upset and unhappy at the situation as well. Please send the information up the food chain, as loudly and as often as possible. Raking or opting other db sources and offering that as an option even with an extra charge REALLY needs to be looked at seriously and solution offered. Storing the Metadata on NAS or Hard Drives should ALSO be an option to select.

Winning the lottery might be easier my friend - this thread alone (one of many) is nearly 1 year old now …… anyway I have to go now - all my Hey Duggee episodes are in a mess and I need to start a post about putting it into collections !!!

I agree with you and @SoCalAV about the TMBD. I personally think it’s not as good as the TVDB. However, as far as I understand (asked about it in an other topic) it so far it has to do with the amount of api calls that need to be made to get all the info.

However, I do understand your frustration. I have movies and tv-series that are indexed completely wrong or not indexed at all, because the information is not available on the TMBD, where Kodi does index it with the TVDB. It’s a pitty.

A good option would indeed be an extra possibility to store the database on a NAS or let it connect with some MySQL/MardiaDB/PostGreSQL server. You could always do a feature request. I do have to say that all my feature requests and changes are denied so far. :frowning: Then again, they probable have a clear idea of what they want with the software.

I still don’t get the navigation and indexing part. I really don’t like the whole list of all un indexed files. I have stored everything in folders and season folders. But don’t see that back in the navigation for items that can not be indexed. One single list with all items is unclear. I did a request to at least show the folders. But that was rejected. It’s that and the removal of TVDB, that stops me from purchasing a full lifetime license.

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I can only repeat what I already said about the people running TMDB.
They are ignorant, arrogant and behave like litte gods. They believe they know things even better than than those people who created the movies and TV Shows. They have ridiculous rules for creating collections, even for movies they have never watched (I’m pretty sure of that). And because they created those rules, they must be correct and the only truth.

changing of artwork, release dates and other metadata is only one point.

Loool - so you got banned as well as me for complaining then …… :joy:

Neverland- I am having much the same issues. The problem is I did purchase a license for the Pro version several years ago - well before this change. I was fairly satisfied with the software beyond the occasional technical glitches. The big one for me these days is the HDR /DolbyVision problems with the different profiles and how the AppleTVs and display devices interact. I work in AV industry, and trust me, AppleTV and Firecore are not the only ones having issues with how the various formats work, interact, automate… it’s really absurd. Samsung, LG, Sony, etc all have bugs and idiosyncrasies… That’s why I rarely rant or post about HDR DV on the forums…

Hopefully TVDB will be added as an extra option. Did that suggestion a while back. :slight_smile:

Oh goody - glad to hear that :joy: you’re obviously a glass half full kind of guy …. Or maybe you didn’t scroll to the start of the suggestions for IMDB and look at the start dates of the requests for it and/or RT loool - but I’m sure that your suggestion for it will be taken seriously now - NOT !!! Looool

I won’t enter to the specifics, as I share most of them with y’all, but the only response we’re gonna get is that we need to like the first post to have it EVENTUALLY considered.
Firecore doesn’t seem to care of its users’ best interests, but for the green only.
That’s how I see it.
As some of you said, they could have warned us of the possible jinks from the DB change, at minima.
Well, maybe we’ll be able to change sources when the chicken will grow teeth, as we say in French.


Well if that’s in this thread it’s pretty pointless.

I would imagine if you or someone else really think IMDb is a better option someone would need to create a similar feature request.

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So, I came across this post today on Twitter:

They state that the new API is still free to use and you don’t have to switch to the paid version. Would it be an option to have a look at this?


OMG. Does this mean all the pain and aggravation was …

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What do you mean “was” - loool you meant “still is” - this weeks latest gem is “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” which now appears as the latest movie of ALL movies to be released appearing at the front of Latest Movies even though it’s a 2019 movie !!! Getting so fed up with this and the daily changing of movie posters to rubbish ones. Equally fed up with James sticking his head in the sand when we point out a REAL problem (eg: TV Season Folders NOT appearing in any kind of logical order) …… after 4 months of messaging him nothing done about it at all - although as usual “I” have found a workaround to this to get all my TV folders back in Alphabetical order without Firecore help - and I’m not telling anyone how I’ve fixed it in case James breaks that agin !!! (And then pretends that he hadn’t again). I will say this though and that it involved re-compiling all 60,000 TV episodes in a different way. I now have all my TV and Seasons back in Alphabetical order and all my 5,000 movies in latest first order …… which (PAY ATTENTION FIRECORE) is the WAY IT SHOULD BE ! - DOH


And still no movement on this topic. Why don’t they get it? Accurate and reliable metadata is just as important as the media files themselves. TMDB is a MESS. So fed up with the stupid crap that’s going on.


Prefer TVDB, too but don’t have to much trouble right now. Sometimes it’s completely wrong and have to fix it manually.

Would be nice to not have to do that all though.

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Somebody with some brains has started making some fixes at TMDB.
The episode organization of my complete Colombo TV Series had gone totally FUBAR when Firecore migrated to TMDB, A few days ago I discovered the episode orders and pilots were corrected and the final series of TV movies organized properly on TMDB. [ But I had to fix the filenames (again) to correlate to the corrected order]. I give thanks to whatever mighty deity accomplished this amazing feat!. Now if only somebody could fix Doctor Who… My brain hurts everytime I try to make sense of it.