Option for both TMDB and TVDB

Custom collections paired with an added short films category would allow these titles to be displayed separately from normal movies.

Of course showing the correct info for these would require having them matched to the correct titles on TMDB.

A custom collection could potential include items which have not been matched to TMDB, but not sure how this would work yet.


I really like how TVDb uses cast images from their time on the show rather than TMBb which just uses random images from google.


A lot of workarounds to solve a problem that is caused by the change of the metadata provider.
I still think that TMDB is not a good choice as metadata provider for TV Shows.

And one world about the “short films category”.

  • When will this feature be avalable? one month, one year?
  • even with this category, there is still the problem that all short movies would be sorted by name or by relase. But as TMDB rule do not allow collections for those movies, it will be still a mess.

And the check tool on trakt.tv uses outdated information. Try and find “tom and jerry” or “pink panter” in this tool. It lists Seasons and Episodes for both shows on TVDB. But if you follow the link you get an " Oops! We can’t find the page you’re looking for". Why? beacuse somebody created this shows, seasons and episodes on TMDB, but as the rules there do not allow this, they where deleted. But the trakt.tv tool still lists them…

This whole thing is a complete mess and the godlike Mods on the TMDB board will do everything to prohibit that we get an well organized database.

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As James mentioned, Custom collections looks to be also coming. These two items combined

That would probably be better although what do you do when someone is on multiple movies or shows. With the huge number of cast members for all items that will start eating into storage space and probably building metadata and search.

should help.

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Yes please, to the Short Films category.
And, of course, custom collections.

With JMcClane, I’m also eager to hear your expected time horizon on those additions…

Good point I didn’t think of the storage… but there is an excellent suggestion to go with it which would help mitigate this and other minor issues like infuses cache getting wiped randomly by the system on the ATV.


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Please clarify; Infuse is using EMBY for metadata in your setup? How is this done?

You need an Emby, Plex or Jellyfin server running.
Infuse can then be connected to that. It will then use the metadata of whichever server it is connected to and therefore simply be a client (though far more capable) for that server.

Have been trying to be patient and hoping the deficiencies in TMDB will be getting sorted out, but I can see that if they do, it will take a LONG time, as it will rely on community volunteers to fix things.

I have a collection of TV shows and movies from around the world and the metadata is a MESS. I have spent many evenings going through and trying to straighten things out, but there are huge gaps in information compared to TVDB, many entire TV series and titles are missing, movies misidentified, and LOTS of artwork missing.

The suggestions given in the thread to allow infuse to alternate metadata sources as well as saving it to hard drive backup are excellent ones and effort should be made to make this somehow happen.
ALSO: I do NOT want my collection metadata information put on the cloud, the risks to privacy are too great.

The decision to switch to TMDB AND the reasons WHY should have been put to the users and have us compare and understand the impact instead of presenting it as fait accompli and some kind of divinely ordained improvement on the order of a new Biblical revelation. It’s been far from that, it’s been aggravating, VERY time consuming and frustrating.

While TVDB has its own issues the platform was well developed, fairly accurate (yes it has some questionable and quirky entries as noted) and surprisingly very comprehensive, reflecting on the efforts of who knows how many people for a long period of time to create and maintain it. Switching from TVDB is to TMDB was like going from a full featured and functioning complete sports car to buying a car that’s come off the assembly line with parts missing and being handed a socket wrench instead of the keys. I already spend too much time fixing other things and this is one headache of a repair that I really did NOT want or need at all.

PLEASE reconsider options for enabling alternate metadata scraping.


The most major one is they now expect payment from either each individual user or the app developer to use its API.


TVDB also has an idiot god mod or two LOL. Several years ago I ran into a ridiculous situation just trying to fix one problem - Space Battleship Yamato, 2199 and 2202. They are properly titled as two different series in both Japanese and English but TVDB lists 2202 as Season 2 of 2199. Great, standing up for your personal beliefs are great, but ignoring the actual TITLE of the show given by its producers is just plain ridiculous. I had been willing to be a participant and contribute but after that one interaction I just walked away from it. I had information for shows from Europe, Russia, Asia I would have been happy to add back then.

Both sites have MODs that think they know it all about ALL movies and shows even the ones they havent watched lol. The same way no one scrapes tvdb for movie metadata is the same way TMDb was for TV shows before the switch. It just wasn’t specialized for that and a lot of even semi-mainstream shows are missing even basic episode descriptions and also screenshots. I’m guessing thats why infuse decided to backtrack and use fanart when missing episode art, which is pretty much 3/4 of my library… fail… again. TMDB just wasnt ready to be a MAIN tv scraping source but I guess the rush was due to TVDB changing to v4 and charging for use of its API. After trying out TMDB for all this while, I would PERSONALLy gladly pay the $10 bucks or so a year for the data that I helped currate and contribute to :slight_smile: I mean its a ~$1 a month. Just make it optional so that people who are not willing to pay dont have to.

Sidenote/ app idea
I was thinking how cool it would be if someone developed a self hosted IMDB/TMDB/TVDB/TVRage app that you could host locally and scrapes all 4 sources and you can add and edit whatever info you want and connect it to infuse as a main metadata source/cache.

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Well at least TVDB had contributors and Mods that were over the age of 12 and not living in their Parents’ loft still !!! I’m just LOVING the way 10% of my Movie Posters change on an almost daily basis now !!! - I’m now having to remember to resort to putting my OWN Poster in now for EVERY movie that I now add to my NAS Media Server (real pain) and even more exciting are the movies that we ALL saw 18 months ago now jumping to the front of the JUST RELEASED queue (apparently a theatrical release in Islamabad take preference to all human logic) … and Im still having night terrors over the 2 months of having to rename 65% of my library to names and titles that only a 5 year old could have dreamt up. I think ALL of us with a decent sized library would happily pay for a good scraping service after all - Infuse IS stupidly cheap leaving room for a proper “PRO” Version … leading me on nicely to … not getting me started on the simple logic of having the actual Database stored locally on the NAS instead of consuming GB of data on the Apple TV unit let alone making transfers and reconfigs lightening fast. I’d be VERY HAPPY to pay MUCH more for Infuse …


I agree totally
Every few days it’s another stupid surprise.

You are right on all the money!

It should have been put out to the end users to decide. If the fee is only a few dollars per year for maintaining the site and making sure its accurate, I am sure a good portion of us would have agreed.

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I agree, but!.. Be aware that others, for example Trakt, need to be supporting TVDB as well

I have seen a lot of topics about people not being able to get all correct metadata from TheMovieDB, after having switched from The TVDB.

Personally I find myself in the same position when it comes to certain tv-series. The .nfo is there with the information and id to the TVDB episode information.

Reading several topics, I understand why the switch is made. However, would it be an option to use the TVDB als backup? In case the TMDB does not return anything? In that case you will get the best in from both worlds, when the first option fail.

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