Option for both TMDB and TVDB

I was one of the ones against switching to TMDB for TV shows and the main reason is my collection of Looney Tunes shorts. I have about 700. TVDB had them organized like a TV show with the shorts put into seasons by year (for example, Season 1945, Season 1946, etc.) and everything worked great.

Now with TMDB, there is no show called “Looney Tunes”, it thinks it is a new show called “Looney Tunes Cartoons” and labels all the shorts the same way, as simply “Looney Tunes Cartoon”. In order for Infuse to correctly identify the shorts, each short would have to be pulled out of its season folder so it can treat each short as a unique movie. But I really don’t want to have 700 movies to scroll through in my movies folder. I have a similar problem with my Charlie Brown holiday specials.

Can we not have the option of choosing if we want indexing done through TMDB or TVDB? I was so happy with how TVDB organized my Looney Tunes but now I am not seeing at all how I can get the same result from TMDB. Any help very much appreciated.


Agreed, the switch has make a mess of my library–this feels like an Apple Music or Podcasts “upgrade”. I think the worst part is, for those shows that still match correctly, the quality of metadata and cover art is generally inferior (photos of DVD boxes straight out of an eBay ad).

This has seriously degraded the Infuse experience. It would be ideal to have the choice to use TVDB, or at least be able to drop the incorrect metadata as with previous versions of the app. I’d rather have the filename and a screen cap than the cover art and metadata for the wrong show (as the correct ones simply don’t exist on TMDB).

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It’s MUCH WORSE THAN THAT - see my Topic post “Metadata Compile Crashing” - if you are an Apple TV power user with a large media collection this update has now rendered Infuse COMPLETELY UNUSABLE - we are yet to hear any comment from James on either a fix or a reverse update ….
In addition there are numerous TV series that are legitimate TV Series but now are not seen …. I have counted 20 so far in my library !!! But that’s really quite insignificant compared to the main issue !!!

This is SOOOO BADDDD !!!

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I am in the same boat. I have some older titles (eg. The Three Stooges entire collection of almost 200 shorts) where the metadata/artwork would show up perfectly.

With the 7.1 switch over to TMDb for tv shows I no longer get the correct artwork, not even by searching. I get some goofy cartoon artwork. Total messed up now.

This is hardly the supercharged upgrade they promote. At least give users the option to choose which database they prefer because not all of us are watching the latest artwork titles.


I can appreciate some people had things organized in a way that fit well with TheTVDB. Most all series present on TheTVDB are also present on TMDb (many with much higher-quality artwork) so in these cases there is a big improvement after updating to 7.1.

In some other cases, TheTVDB may have had some things classified as a series that shouldn’t have been. For example, Looney Tunes is actually a set of short films and is classified as such on both TMDb and IMDb.

The quality of TV show info on TMDb has improved dramatically over the past few years, and has gotten exponentially better in the past number of months since many popular projects (Jellyfin, Trakt, and others) have announced they are switching from TheTVDB to TMDb (Kodi even started using TMDb as default for TV shows way back in 2018). The net result here is many of the community contributors have shifted their efforts to TMDb, which leaves a somewhat uncertain future for TheTVDB.

Lastly, I realize things as-is are not perfect and there may be some gaps in coverage with some of the lesser-known series. Fortunately, TMDb is a community-driven database and anyone can sign up and contribute by uploading textual info or images. Many Infuse users have already done this, and we have an internal process in place that allows us to make limited changes as well.

Overall, there may be a few changes needed for certain titles, but in time the quality of TV show content on TMDb is going to far exceed what TheTVDB has now.

If you are seeing issues with a specific series that you are unable to resolve, feel free to start a new thread in the metadata section and we can assist.

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Thanks for the level-headed response James, and I really appreciate all you do. Infuse is still fantastic, and I have no plans to ditch it for anything else. I guess my question is until TMDB can truly handle everything that TVDB could, would it be at all feasible to give us the option of which database to use? Just until TMDB gets better, then once a certain threshold is reached of people using TMDB over TVDB, just give up TVDB support at that point? It is just hard to deal with the growing pains and having the option would smooth out the transition.

Having said that, I am sure there is a LOT of work that I don’t appreciate that goes into having to support both databases. If it is an easy thing, then bring it on! But if it is too complex or if there are reasons why supporting both wouldn’t work, at least in the short term until TMDB gets better at certain things, then I understand. What exactly would be the barriers to supporting both and giving users the option?

Thanks again James!

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I can tell you that one reason is that tvdb are moving to a new API, and forcing all users to switch over this year. This would require significant coding to implement. Along with the recent changes to memberships and the other mentions from James it was a logical time to make the switch.

Unfortunately, having two metadata sources isn’t really practical at this time.

I’ve posted a sticky thread with a bit more background on the transition, as well as some info on how to resolve some quirks that have come up.

This is awesome, thanks James. Your examples are perfect, as I have both Looney Tunes and Miami Vice in my collection that I was concerned about!

If I may ask the community here one last question, if I wanted to organize my Looney Tunes similar to how it was before, is there a way to create subfolders of movies? In your example in the sticky, Looney Tunes S1948 E19 - Haredevil Hare.mp4 becomes just Haredevil Hare.mp4, but can I put a bunch of shorts like this into subfolders for each year, so I don’t have 700 Looney Tunes shorts alongside my 100 or so real movies to scroll through, and have it display properly?

eg. Looney Tunes > Season 1948 > Haredevil Hare.mp4 (alongside other shorts from 1948)

Just out of interest, Trakt continue to track progress on TV Show matching with TVDB before they also cut over to TMDB metadata.


When scrolling through the list, you can see significant mismatches with many anime titles.

Sure. One option for this would be to simply organize them into folders inside a main Looney Tunes folder. You could then create a favorite for Looney Tunes which would appear on the Apple TV Home Screen.

If you didn’t want these items to appear in the Library, you can deselect the Looney Tunes favorite from Infuse > Settings > Library.

Yes, the Trakt tool is very useful.

Trakt will also be switching to TMDb as their primary data provider, so the numbering they use for anime (and other items) will soon match what TMDb has. With Infuse already using TMDb, it will ensure things are able to continue working smoothly with Trakt.

I gotta say, since I contribute to TMDB a lot, I was a proponent for the move to TMDB mainly because of the shorter Cache period (6 hours) and the higher quality Images (2000x3000).
I wasn’t a beta tester so I blindly supported the move.
@james even posted the tool by Trakt that shows a comparison, and a quick comparison of the Titles you will be fooled into thinking TMDB is neck and neck with TVDb.

Boy was I wrong. The tool only compares the shows and episodes.

I ****** up and purged the existing cache. I have been going through my library of about 600 TV shows and what I discovered is that 99% of the titles are there (from my library) but the metadata itself is not.
A lot of shows are missing season posters, fanart, episode descriptions, episode titles, and/or screenshots making Infuse scan the files to grab screenshots.
My library is a mess now and looks far worse than before.
The only part that TMDB is on par with TVDB is with the LATEST most POPULAR shows. Some of those still even take some time to be added to TMDB well after TVDB.
I thought it would be a few hours to match up the metadata, upload and fix up my library but I’ve spent more time than I would wish fixing up the missing metadata on TMDB.

Plex and the other competitors also STILL have TVDB alongside other additional sources such as FanArt.tv. So I kinda don’t understand why Infuse can’t have it scrape TVDB for the missing details.
I’m sure some people would rather pay and have all metadata than have partial.

So long story short TVDB NEEDS to be used as a backup to fetch what is missing. The only area TMDB beats TVDB is the Caching and Artwork size, period.


James, even though I’ve now dropped Infuse because this change became unworkable for me, I still feel fondly for the product, but and it’s a big but, TMDB is inferior in coverage and organisation to TVDB, which your users have worked with for years.

If you need a simple example take Battlestar Galactica, the 2003 remake. The boxset comprises the mini-series, the four seasons that followed, plus the independent movies such as Razor, The Plan etc.

TVDB has all of these under the banner Battlestar Galactica (2003) to distinguish from the 80’s original.

TMDB is a complete mess with this. TV shows are split into two series, Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Galactica (2003). It also has the original 80’s show, also as Battlestar Galactica. The made-for-tv movies are under Movies, not TV to add to the confusion.

This is just one example.

Please re-instate the ability to use TVDB, I’ll be back in a shot as I’ve left my Google Drive content unchanged, hoping to go back to.

It’s a great product, but now unusable for me because of this change. Please consider my request.

Cheers and stay safe,

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It sounds like tvdb was grouping these out of convenience instead of correctness. On IMDb these are all listed as separate items and it looks like that is how TMDb has them. So if you want to create your own grouping you can make a playlist with all separate items but it is a mix of multiple shows and movies unfortunately. (I don’t have these but that’s what I am seeing when searching the different sites.)

Infuse is a locker for tv shows and movies and should not fail at gathering the metadata for them… this is an integral part of the program especially for collectors. I have some older series, it’s a mess now… 185 titles all out of whack so I can relate. Don’t get me wrong, I like Infuse, but sometimes upgrades create more headache than they are worth and newer is not always better.

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Will you people just stop trying to help by telling how to fix ONE TV series that has been given as an example - there are literally HUNDREDS of TV series that are now all out of whack !!! I NOTE THAT FINALLY someone has admitted that TMDB has higher quality graphics ……… and NOT ONE OF YOU SO CALLED BETA TESTERS noticed that the DB had DOUBLED in size !!! Shame on you all !!!


you can leave both TheTVDb and TMDb with a switch in settings in infuse so we can try out both thats my suggestion


It’s not that simple unfortunately. THeTVDB are intending to switch off the API that inFuse has historically used so it would require significant development effort for inFuse to continue using theTVDM

switching to TMDB for TV shows is for me a bad decision.
The Mods on TMDB behave like they are gods and that their rules are the only truth on earth.

TvDB or trakt.tv list the classic Tom & Jerry Cartoons from the 1940th to 1960th as TV show, and they are nicely grouped as such.

TMDB list all those 5 minute cartoons as individual movies, and because of their infallible rules, they can not be grouped in a collection.

Are are many more examples, the Eastrail 177 Trilogy for example from M. Night Shyamalan. Even the maker of the films Unbreakable, Split and Glass says that they are a trilogy. But the rules on TVDB do not allow to group them in a collection.

And creating a playlist manually on Infuse is not the solution for me, especially regarding the Tom & Jerry Catroons. because I don’t what to have over 100 cartoon clips scatterd in my Library.

Trakt.tv Lists and Collections where on the roadmap of Infuse for a long time, but they have disappeard. Why?


I would make a folder favorite for these and exclude them from your library. That way it is still easy to find but doesn’t polute the library. Done the same with my hundred other shorts.

Also you can like this thread