Option for basic file list browsing (without artwork)

Hi. Could do with some help.

Infuse Pro user here and I’ve switched off Metadata Fetching and Embedded Metadata in my settings across all my iOS and TVOS devices. I just want my files as they are. Because I only have DVD images (rather than mkvs, etc) the Metadata tends to be woefully inaccurate and makes a mess of everything. I’d rather have none at all.

But every time I open up the app there it goes; fetching metadata I don’t want. I clear it and it just starts fetching again.

Is there any way to stop Infuse fetching metadata??


I assume from your description you really only access your videos by the File Browser and not via the Library.

I would suggest you possibly do the following above what you have done to see if it makes a difference:

  • Go to Settings → Library and untick any entry under your shares/favourites.
  • Set the folder containing your media to use local metadata by long pressing on the folder and selecting “Use Local Metadata”.

Hopefully one or both of these will improve your situation.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Your directions made perfect sense and I’ve done both.

…But it hasn’t stopped Infuse going out and getting the metadata.

If I follow your directions and then clear the Metadata cache, it just starts downloading it again. WTF.


Sorry for the confusion.

If you disable the Metadata Fetching option in Infuse > Settings, Infuse will not download any metadata or artwork from the web.

Instead, Infuse will display embedded metadata (if present), generate a thumbnail from the actual video (if no embedded image is found), and cache the audio/video codec specs. These operations cannot be disabled at this time.

Ok. Yes, that’s definitely what’s happening.

In that case a plea from me that the option to turn this off be added in a future update.


I just purchased Pro version and having exactly the same problem. I don’t want metadata from download or embedded. I just want to view my videos as filename with generic icon. Can we add this feature as being requested in this thread 4 years ago? @james maybe you can help? Thanks.