option for "all episodes" at top level for TV shows or scrollable episode list across seasons


I’m requesting that at the top level of TV Show hierarchy you have “All Episodes” or option in settings to “flatten” TV series into a continuous ordered list that spans all seasons in order, rather than folder style navigation…apologize if mentioned elsewhere…

I couldn’t find exactly a way to solve the issue I am having so posting here as a feature request. An example I have some Looney tunes collections, specifically the Platinum bluray collection --which has 3 volumes at this point --with each volume having select 30-40 episodes that span many different seasons. These have been quite a pain to deal with–at first I just had to go through them and figure out the episode name, and use that as the filename. But with Infuse the problem arises of how metadata is fetched as well as whether they get indexed in the “library”. I suppose I could set up a separate favorite just for this and turn off “fetch metadata” and just go by the filename. This would work but I would not get metadata, nor could I use the library (they would either show up in “other” or misidentified in “movies”).

So then I decided i would take the time to name them properly by their tvdb episode ids and use Infuse library–painful but it worked. They get indexed into Tv shows properly with metadata etc. However, when I select “Looney tunes” now i get presented with a boatload of all the season folders with only a handful of episodes in each (or maybe only one or two). I really have no idea which episode is where and dont really care, what I really want is to see a single episode list with metadata. Something like what you see with Netflix now where you can scroll down all episodes spanning all seasons. This would be quite useful in general I think for TV shows, not just this case here.