Option for additional Thumbnail File

Hi, if I understand the documentation on metadata and cover art correctly, there is only the fanart picture for all occasions where a wide image is shown. I guess for the automatically generated metadata this makes a lot of sense, since TMDB only has the Backdrop category for pictures with such an aspect ratio.

However in some places I’d find it way nicer if something like a wide variant of the poster would be displayed. Of course by adding a custom fanart file this can be achieved easily, but in a lot of cases this leads to the details page looking not as good as before.

I would really appreciate the option to add maybe like an additional ‘(movie name)-landscape’ file, or something similar, wich would be displayed in lists of movies and the like, but wouldn’t change the nice picture in the details page.

Since this wouldn’t need to alter the usual behavior of metadata and cover art, but only give an additional option for adding a thumbnail, I thought I’d ask if such a option would maybe be regarded as useful by somebody else, or if I maybe overlook something wich speaks against such a feature.

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In which places, specifically?

And by “wide variant of the poster” are you referring to a TMDB background image featuring text (usually the movie logo)?

[ As Infuse uses landscape-oriented artwork for the Up Next List (local: fanart.jpg) as opposed to the portrait-oriented artwork used elsewhere (local: poster.jpg), this has most often been suggested as the location Firecore should be displaying language-specific TMDB background images in Infuse’s UI (in place of the textless “No Language” TMDB background images Infuse currently utilizes for both the details-view fanart and Up-Next list thumbnail images. ]