Option for a Dolby trailer to play straight before every Movie (no dialog to ask to play the trailer too)

I would love to see you guys implement an option in the Infuse 6 Apple TV 4K app settings. To select a particular file (video file) to play before every movie plays. I have a Home cinema and would love this option to show off my surround sound to guests before hitting play on any particular movie in my library with Infuse. I have multiple already downloaded uncompressed Dolby Atmos and Dolby DTS trailers in my other folder within infuse and would like to have one play. Also without any dialogue asking me every time if I wanted to play the trailer too (like it does already with asking to continue or play from start).

I don’t want to see this dialog as it would defeat the purpose of playing a trailer before the movie. I know Plex adds this option in their settings, but I only use Infuse 6 app. Would love this option like Plex users are given (I use to have Plex until I heard about you guys and bought the subscription). I didn’t even know how to point towards a particular trailer using Plex. So please, if you guys could implement this in the next update in the App store. Could you possibly make it super user friendly of selecting (directing to) a video file in our library before every movie plays please. Thank you


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