option B for installing.

this will ruin firecore’s day. hope I don’t get banned or removed. but here it is.

locate the aTV you just installed from the DMG

SHOW Package Contents.

locate AppleTVInstallerUploadPlugin bundle and show package contents of this

keep poking in till you find the payload.tar file.

decompress, and there you have your deb files.

transfer them over to your aTV2 black,

dpkg -i sources, then beigelist, the mobilesubstrate, then finally maintenance.

PLEASE don’t use this the wrong way, I posted this because, I spent 15 minutes trying to get the pkg they created working and that didn’t want to transfer files.

all is working perfect now… it’s everything I already had fron NitoTv, plus last.fm and browsing… so that ran me a few bucks… but I’m waitng for the streaming from NAS so it’s worth the wait.

as tempting as the solution, this forum should be under login to prevent information from leaking… something that is going around these days.

peace to all

how exactly does this work? ive reached the un archiving of payload.tar but i cannot transfer the files… help here please, my atv flash beta is not transefing files due to passwd and im on the ATV 4.0

what are the folder that i transfer them to after ssh?

you will need to upload them to /var/tmp and then SSH to dpkg. It will look something like this dpkg -i /var/tmp/sources.deb

hope that helps!!

forgot to mention this, I used cyberduck to upload the files to the /var/tmp folder and then used terminal(SSH) to do the above mentioned commands. Forgot to put that in above post.

lost here not understanding SSH to dpkg?

so is this the terminal command (dpkg -i /var/tmp/sources.deb)?

thats it! of course as you go through you will replace sources with beigelist, mobilesubstrate and maintenance. once you are done with that killall Lowtide and you should be good.

let me know how it turns out for you! Oh, of course make sure you have uploaded the files already(cyberduck) before you do the terminal commands.

Thanks for your help! it works :)

JESUS CHRIST, THANK YOU GOD FOR SUPPLYING US WITH “ANONYMOUS” HE HAS HELPED ME! THANK YOU! if there was rep, you would get some for sure. it works, im on couch surfer. follow these rules. they 400% work.

that was a pain in the ass trying with the dmg install file. was stuck on the remote host passwrd

I will pass on the credit, I really didnt think this thread would be allowed on here this long. Glad I was able to help someone out though Just trying to help out! I normally dont post on here anyways. I was having an issue with it myself and the i thought of SSH and my iphone commcenter hack… So, by chance I lucked up on the files. But I agree with you 100% the actual installer is horrible!

nice, i know for a fact it wasn’t you that posted this. And i know because it was me. If this is now removed I’ll repost more specific instructions. Just here to help, not to gloat on others works. Troll

Does it really matter who posted what? As long as it helped someone. You very well might have posted the first post and I greatly appreciate it, but the rest of the post as far as how to use cyberduck to upload and how to install the packages through terminal was not done by you. It was done by my neighbor and I know this to be a fact as I sat there and watched him post them on my MacBook! He helped me get it installed after we read over the first post. So I thank you and my neighbor for the help and advice as I’m sure I’m not the only one that it helped! No need to call anyone a troll because I assure you that is not what he was trying to do!

I have unpacked the files and transferred them to the location of the payload.tar file.


What is the next step?

Decompress the payload file and search for the deb files inside. Transfer them your atv2 thru cyberduck or fugu. And thru ssh dpkg -i the deb files. Sources first and maintenance last. Killall Lowtide and enjoy

was wondering if you or some kind sole could share the debs so us winblows users can install via putty thx 


If you're having trouble with the standard installer please visit submit beta feedback via our contact form here. This will help us resolve any issues in the next beta.

Please include the following with your email.

1. Your current AppleTV software version (check in Settings > General > About).

2. Version of OSX and iTunes you are using.

3. Date your AppleTV was jailbroken.

4. App used to jailbreak (Pwnage tool or Redsnow)

5. Was your AppleTV password changed when jailbreaking? (default password is alpine)

6. Any other 3rd party software installed?

7. AppleTV network type (wired or wireless).

8. Anything else you think may be relevant.

i am sorry to be so helpless but I dont get what you guys are talking about - is there not just a password?