Optimizing library doesnt load

Spent about 20 mins waiting yesterday and had to force quit to get infuse open, now every time i have to quit and reopen. It used to work fine before i added a new library. On ATV4k 3rd gen. Appreciate any help

Please help @NC_Bullseye @james

Sorry but I’m not sure I understand what you’re seeing. What exactly are you seeing when you start Infuse that you’re having to wait for?

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If i leave infuse and go into settings, then go back to infuse pro if i was playing nothing i would just be sent into an “optimizing library” screen which worked before, but after adding a new share and deleting the old one optimizing library now just glitched out and stays on that screen for 1 hour+.

Edit: my plex library is incredibly large. I have been archiving for months now. Can infuse not handle a massive plex library maybe?

I’m not sure what you consider massive but you may gain a lot of benefit with the upcoming 7.7 release. It’s supposed to have a direct mode for media servers and that may help with what you’re seeing.

Also you can see what this entails here. Don’t forget to always check the first post for updates from Firecore. :wink:

Now it just crashes if i switch apps…will await the update. Ty

If you see an ‘optimizing’ message in Infuse, then it’s due to Infuse detecting an issue with the database which it is trying to resolve. I would recommend letting it finish, and not force-closing the app. Closing it early could potentially lead to additional issues, which would then take longer to resolve.

If this is a large library from Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex then you may be able to get a better experience once the upcoming direct mode features are available in 7.7.

Thank you for the response, but the first time it happened i just used my oled remote to turn off the screen without interrupting and came back way later to find it still there. It crashes completely now lol no optimizing screen at all