Optimal setup for Infuse on an ATV4K.

I’m currently using a 1TB HDD connected to my AirPort Extreme as a NAS.
It’s connected to Infuse and work great, but the transfer speed is insanely slow.
I also need to download the torrent to my laptop, then transfer it to the HDD to be able to access it in Infuse.

I wonder what the best way to do this is (best value etc).
Looks like there are two other options.

Buy a better NAS
Use a cloud service

Would be great to be able to download torrents remotely and directly from my phone, without the need of booting up the laptop.

What’s your setup?

I use a Netgear ReadyNAS with infuse directed to a SMB share on it with folders for TV and Films. Within that same share is a download folder. The torrent client on my Mac (Transmission) is set to save files to that download folder rather than the MAC. As the folder is within the same share on the NAS, I can move the file into the TV or Films folder instantly when complete.