Operation timed out

Everything was working fine streaming files from my smb share. However this past week it has suddenly stopped working and I receive a “operation timed out (60)” error. I’ve see this was a problem a year or two ago and tried all of the suggested fixes to no avail. Tried a recommended reg edit and then using the IP address rather than the servers name. If I reboot the server, all is well for a few minutes, then it craps out on me again. Any ideas folks? The server is running windows 7.

i think i have it solved.  i believe it was the vpn client on my server.  thus far all seems good to go, i’ll report back if that changes.

Spoke too soon. Still messed up. Really hope someone can give me some direction here.

i decided that it was pretty obvious that no help or suggestions would be recieved via this forum from any firecore staff.  :(  so, i just ditched windows 7 on my server and installed ubuntu 12.04, setup afp and got it all back going.  

Pretty frustrating to see this issue appear in two forums as an obvious SMB issue and no one from Firecore has even acknowledged it. Is this a bug that has been logged? Is it on someone’s radar to fix?