OpenSubtitles not working

Version 7.5.7, it was fine on 7.5.6

You might want to try quitting and restarting Infuse and possibly the device also.

I’m experiencing the exact same problem on iPad - haven’t checked my Mac or iPhone yet.

It seems there may be an issue with OpenSubtitles itself.

I’ve reached out to get more info.

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I’ve just tried again this morning and subtitles are downloading :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear!

There was in fact a service disruption at OpenSubtitles, but they have been working hard to bring it back online.

Giving another try now and I am still seeing it. Reinstalling didn’t solve it. Any other suggestion?

They may still be working out a few issues, so I would try again in a few hours.

seeing this for two days

Have you tried a restart on the ATV?

yep. I even reinstalled the app

I’ve been using Infuse for a month on my nas as a server and on my Apple TV to see the content, I don’t know if it’s the connection but today I started used NordVPN for the first time on my devices on my home network (not on the nas, not on the Apple Tv and not on the router) and when I try to get subtitles I got this error message:

"An error occurred

Unable to access OpenSubtitles.

Check your internet connection and try again."

After an hour I tried again and this worked but now it’s not.

Any help?

It appears that OpenSubtitles is having some issues today. Others have been seeing this too. I moved your post to the original thread discussing this problem.

Note, had to move it twice since we had two threads with the same title just a few years apart. All in the right place now. :wink:

Infuse pro latest version on Apple TV. Whenever I try to download subtitles from OS I get an “Unable to access OpenSubtitles. Check you internet connection and try again”. Same behaviour on Infuse on my iMac.

My interenect connectcion is fine, and I can access Open fine on my browser.

Any help?

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OpenSubtitles now believes they have resolved the issue.

Things may be a little slow for the next day as caches continue to update, but the service appears to be working well here.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. :slight_smile:

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Still not working.

Not working for me either.

Ditto on the OpenSubtitle issue

They may be working on this, and I will post any updates I receive from them.

Subscene is working fine (on the web) if folks need a manual option in the interim. Much more user friendly and far easier to find and download whatever you might be looking for.