OpenSubtitles network error

Infuse Pro, 4.3.2
ipad mini retina (ME840RU/A) 9.3.5

When I am trying to update metadata or load subtitles I see “Network error”.
The ipad have a good connection to internet and other applications works just fine.

I didn’t change anything in my home router (asus RT AC66U) since the time Infuse loaded subtitles just fine.
And the problem is with one specific TV show - Marco Polo.se1.ep1.mkv (and other episodes of this show).
With other movies and shows it loads subtitles from opensubtitles without problem.
But it shows “Network problem” if I try to change metadata of any movie, not just Marco Polo one.

It may be related to the availability of the services Infuse downloads from.

You can keep an eye on the status of these services here.

Yes, thank you.
I think that was the case.
Now it works.