Opensubtitles issues and other subtitle questions - new Pro user

I’ve been a long-time Plex user and just installed Infuse Pro today, linked to my PMS library.

I have some subtitle questions, as the in-app search looked like a great feature. Before I purchased the Pro version, I tested the opensubtitles search and it seemed to work fine.

  1. After upgrading to Pro, I have received an error several times stating ‘no internet connection’ when attempting the in-app search. I know there is not a problem with my internet connection. I logged in to opensubtitles on a browser, so it’s not their issue.

  2. When Infuse does connect to Opensubtitles, it lists a lot of incorrect matches (not even the same series). What’s going on with the search? It has the metadata, so it should be easy to get the correct subtitles? My series naming is: “{Series CleanTitle}.S{season:00}E{episode:00}.{Episode Title}”, but I would think Infuse is using TVDB ID, not a text search?

  3. Are there plans to add user sign in for Opensubtitles? If you can do it for trackd, why not for subtitle providers?

  4. Similarly, any plans to support other providers, such as On Plex, I use subzero and I get 90% of my subs from addic7ed.

I saw some old forum topics, back to 2016, requesting the Opensubtitles login capability, but I didn’t see any recent posts or updates. I’m new and did do a search, so apologies if I missed something. Infuse looks like a great player for my ATV’s, so I am hoping this is an area of focus. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum!

  1. At times, OpenSubtiles gets overwhelmed with traffic and may be unavailable. You can keep an eye on the current status here.

  2. Are your shows ‘matched’ with TheTVDb in Plex, or are you using manual metadata?

  3. We don’t have any immediate plans for this, sorry.

  4. Additional subtitle providers is something we hope to explore in the future, but right now OpenSubtitles is the only one that has an official API.

I am in Australia, Using Infuse pro 6 and I too am now failing to retrieve subtitles from (which used to work on Pro 5). I’ve checked at and can see the legacy version of opensubtitles has an outage while the “new” version does not. Is there a way to have infuse use “new”? Or (worse) is it using “new” but still failing?

Looks like your country may be at the bottom of your issue. Australian court orders blocking of subtitle piracy sites

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I reckon you’re right. Before posting I checked from my PC, but I run a VPN there. Just disabled my VPN and bingo I get the “naughty person” message. Thanks for the help since that also tells me the fix :slight_smile:

I know that Firecore is aware and working on a fix for this but in the meantime it does appear there is a way to get subtitles with a few minor changes. I searched around a little and it appears that you may have a very easy solution.

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