I had an ATV1 working with the previous version of aTVFlash. I just downloaded and installed the new xmbc version. When ATV rebooted with the new os, it came up with the openELEC wizard. I haven’t ever used a keyboard or pointer (other than the remote or an iPhone) with an ATV. I have a USB keyboard in the house (buried). Have I come to the wrong ford on the road to an upgrade or is the keyboard an expected part of this process?

Update: The xmvc logo comes up, followed by the menu bar, but then the openELEC wizard takes over and input seems to be locked to a keyboard input. Haven’t dragged out the keyboard yet.

Update: Exhumed the keyboard. Enabled the remote. I’m glad I have an ATV 2 and 3. I had not read that this upgrade would blow away the outdated, but still enjoyable Apple OS. I’ll evaluate this upgrade, but the installation issue is solved.

what keyboard did you use? Have the same problem…locked out