Open VPN BlackVpn on ATV2


I would like to use Blackvpn on my Jailbroken ATV2 with the ATV Flash. Is it possible with any kind of plug in?

FireCore for ATV1 included Tunnelblick client but it doesn’t work on iOS. GuizmOVPN ( looks like a contender. Has anyone tried it? Any chance we can get it included with FireCore?

also requesting some kind of atv2 vpn solution. we need this.

use unblock us service is it great

@alecko.7501: Unblock Us is great for people who don’t already use a VPN service but many of us already pay for one. I can’t speak for others but I’m not interested in purchasing another service. I’m happy with the one that I have and it works great with every other device. The real answer is to find a way to offer a VPN solution that allows us to choose which service we’d like to use instead of putting us in a position to only have one to choose from. Let’s just hope that’s possible.

unblock us works by using a dns server address and is only $4 a montyh cheaper than most vpn’s, because it uses a dns server address it works with all devices and does not slow down your connection like a vpn. im on a 10mb line and when in use this service i can play hd files from netflix or a 720p files from icefilms, i still get 1000kb/s speeds with it on in is great. i could never get that with a vpn. plus you can set it up ith any router and so all devices that connect use it. i have my pc and atv2 setup with and never have to go back to dhcp connection. unblock us is not a vpn., cancel your old vpn, un block us is all need, go to their website they give one week free trial.


It’s actually $5 a month ($4.99 - round up, not down for the closest price). My service (Witopia) is 2/3rds the price of Unblock Us for PPTP and 4/5ths the price for SSL for use with all of their servers worldwide. I’ve never had problems playing HD from anywhere. There are also downsides to Unblock US. If you have a dynamic DNS, you must go back to Unblock US every time it changes and if you travel with your player, it won’t work from a hotel or many public spots, for that matter. These two issues are enough for me not to want to use their service but this may not bother others.

The point I was originally making however, is that we should be able to choose whatever service we want and not have to use only one service. I like my service and you like yours. Great! Give us a solution that allows us to use both. 

at least it works with atv2 and it actually $5 canadian


It’s wise to point out that it is $5 CAD, especially since the Canadian dollar is stronger than the US dollar, making Unblock Us more expensive than some may have thought (and WiTopia an even better deal).

Yes, Unblock Us does works with ATV2 today and is a good stop-gap meausre for those who have no other device (HTPC, Boxee Box, etc.) but the fact that it works doesn’t dismiss the point of this thread: requesting support for Open VPN. Whether through WiTopia, SuperVPN, TuVPN or any of the others, many prefer VPNs over DNS only services. There is nothing wrong with making this request nor is there anything wrong with wanting a choice. I continue to hope that by the time aTV Flash is out of beta, it will support Open VPN.


As an FYI for those in the US: I’ve confirmed with Unblock Us that US customers do not have access to Canadian content. This is not posted on their website so I wanted to let you know in case you watch a lot of Canadian content or content that US studios have blocked from being shown online in the US but permit in Canada. Maybe if enough people raise this as an issue, Unblock Us will look into ways to correct it.

hi, I tried unodns , a similar service offered by please check out its free trial version of 7 days. I hope you will like it as I did. Do Reply if you like it.




Guys !! I got a free backdoor access for unotelly golden plan. Now go change your dns settings with the below details and you can watch unlimited netflix, hulu , spofy and rest of the US big channels.

Change the Primary DNS to
Change the Secondry DNS to

Have Fun !!