Open srt automatically on a Mac

Would it be possible to make Infuse automatically recognize srt subtitles in the same folder as the movie when we open the file directly with Infuse on the Mac?

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This should be working now.

It doesn’t work. If you are using a Plex server or sharing via SMB, Infuse will read the srt subtitles automatically. But I mean directly opening the file only on the Mac, going to the folder and choosing to open the file with Infuse. This way, Infuse doesn’t recognize srt subtitles with the same name in the same folder. I have to use IINA but I would prefer to use Infuse because IINA can’t correctly output Dolby Vision P5.

Just a curiosity question, in the finder if you select both the video and the sub file then drag and drop it on the Infuse icon does it recognize the sub file then?

Yes it works! It would be cool if Infuse automatically recognized sub file, but this way of dragging to the Infuse icon is better than nothing. Thanks.

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That may make it easier to incorporate seeing the sub file without having to select it into the app in a future update too, thanks for checking that out.