(Open Matte) in file names breaks correct TMDB meta-data fetching

Please add [Open Matte] to be ignored as now it breaks correct meta-data fetching.
For example, these Movies can’t be fetched and need to be renamed manually adding a year of the release (or change meta manually):
Alita Battle Angel (Open Matte).mkv
Prometheus (Open Matte).mkv
Se7en (Open matte).mkv
Sin city (Open matte).mkv
Tron Legacy (Open matte).mkv
Terminator. vol 4 -Salvation Director’s сut (Open matte).mkv

If you put the year right after the name you can have what ever you want after the year. The year really does help in many cases especially when there are remakes and other duplicates with different years.

Open Matte should be fine then.

For example
Alita Battle Angel 2019 (Open Matte).mkv

Edit to add, I know you don’t want to really have to rename the files but it’s that or manually go in and edit every movie and adding the name is future proofing things. Once you get in the routine of adding the year it’s a piece of cake.