Opacity on subtitles

Hi James and crew,

Are there any plans on having a setting for opacity in subtitles section?

I would really help for all of us with plasma TVs.

5.6.2 made my home-theatre setup complete! The autoswitching of framerate is what made me buy he 4K model.


I would be even more happy for a black background option? This has been mentioned in another thread before though.

Even so, I can’t stress the importance enough for this option, since some content of foreign language or show cast names(in the beginning of a show/series) “melts” together with front subtitles.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your support.

Black background for subtitles would be great especially for 16x9 bright content.

100% opacity is too bright, especially when watching HDR on an OLED. The subs are brighter than the movie. When using Netflix and other apps, I keep the subtitle opacity/transparency at 25%. I would like to do this with Infuse as well.

Opacity options were added in Infuse 6.4.8. :slight_smile:

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