Oops, it loos like your Apple Tv isn't jailbroken

Sorry for my bad English… I’m Norwegian :slight_smile:
I got a problem with my Apple TV 2 after I had to restore it.
I downloaded both Seas0nPass and aTVFlash-black. The jailbreak went ok, got the red firecore logo on my settings icon.
But when I went on installing aTVFlash, I got to installing the files, but i got an error-message saying that my AppleTV wasn’t jailbroken yet?

Anyone who have experienced this problem, and is there a solution?


did you go through the normal setup process on the appleTV after you saw the firecore logo. IIRC airplay needs to be enabled, and all your logins etc.

Hi kyteflyer.
I had to restore the apple tv once more.
Had a new go at jailbreaking it. And this time the installation worked just fine :slight_smile:
I’m not sure what i did wrong but the post can be closed :slight_smile: