Oops, Atv Flash installer cannot proceed

It’s a few days I get this error message with the latest version (4.01).

Of course, I am connected to the internet and this is the very latest version… Is it possible there’s a problem with aTV Flash servers?

Can someone from Atv Flash reply on this major issue??

It sounds like you have an outdated copy. Downloading a fresh copy should get you going.

To locate your download link:

  1. Click the My Account link near the top of any page of our site. (http://www.atvflash.com/)
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Locate your order in the ‘download links’ section and click ‘view’
  4. The download link will be near the bottom of the page

I just downloaded 4.02, but please pay more attention with the expires in the future, we’ve been unable to run the installer for about a week with 4.01 installer stopping at launch and no newer version to download!!!

For a paid product this is unacceptable.

Sorry for any trouble, but old versions are not deactivated until a new version has been available for at least 24 hours.

I just paid $49.95 and downloaded the latest 4.0.2 version. I have downloaded the file 3 times and have tried to install. I keep getting Oops, the aTV installer cannot proceed… the same! I am connected to the internet and 4.0.2 is the latest version. My link expires today. Can someone please help? Thanks.

Do you have any firewall software that may be blocking the app from accessing the Internet? If you purchased it today, your link will be valid for at least 1 year.

Thanks for your reply. No, I do not have any firewall. However, I am connected to the internet via my home wireless network, but because I have never had an issue before, I don’t think it could be the cause. Could you please advise? Thanks.

Hello again,

I do not know where to go from here. It is Friday in my part of the world and I was so looking forward to enjoying the Apple TV after the flash. I am very disappointed that there has been no attempt from the aTVFlash team to resolve my issue. Could someone point me to the right direction please? My issue is…
I have the latest version of file 4.0.2, and am connected to the internet and have NO firewall, however I keep getting “Oops, the aTV installer cannot proceed, this is due to one of two things, either you are not connected to the internet or This version of aTVFlash is out of date” message.


I am experiencing the same thing! Just bought and downloaded it!

I have just updated to version 4.2.1..... and have the same thing (problem) ......it seems like is no support on the issue ...... or nobody cares .... waste of money.

Sorry, this was due to some web server changes put in this morning. Please try re-running the installer.


As soon as I made the comment above I received an e-mail from the support staff acknowledging the problem and issuing the fix for it. I followed up with the instructions and everything is fine now. I like to subtract my comments regarding the value of the product. THE PRODUCT IS GREAT taking Apple TV to no limits......and the support staff at Fire Core deserves the thumb up for their quick action..... I am a happy customer.

Good morning, I met the same problem with the latest version at windows, while on my mac but creates the flash disk is not read from the AppleTV boot, as if it were not connected. HELP!

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Today the same problem with new version.....please help me!!


Same for me. This sucks, please help!


btw: I am talking about the "black" version for ATV2.


edit2: now it's working fine!

I am having the same problem! please help!

I also have the same prob!  just purchased and downloaded the latest software from my account and getting this stupid error!!

Any chance we could get a product that actually works when we buy it????

I am trying to install the new beta version and have the same issue.......

I got installer to work first time a few days ago but had to boot tether again this morning which did not work so i had to jailbreak it again

Now installer comes back with the "Sorry, the installer could not install Maintenance (Error 8.100)" message and won't work. have emailed support but as yet no answer, i guess so has everybody else!