Only sound is streaming, no video (avi file)


I cannot stream a video from my Macboook Pro on my TV; just the sound, but no image.
This is true for streaming either to the Apple TV connected to the TV, or to the built-in chromecast of the TV.
This seems to be specific to .avi files but this file format is supported by Infuse. Am I wrong?



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Are you trying to Airplay from the MacBook to the ATV or are you setting up a server on the MacBook like SMB or FTP and creating a share from the MacBook in Infuse on the ATV?

Setting up a server on a Mac is outlined here.

Thank you for your reply.

I try to stream from Infuse using the Airplay/Streaming icon.
I set up a smb server and I set it up again today, with no luck.

It just works for extension such as .mp4 or .mkv
Only .avi does not work. I just converted a file to .mp4 and it works.
I guess I should do it for the other .avi files