Only see user's Public Folders, no the shared folder

I’ve connected Infuse on my AppleTV to my Mac to a sharing only account. The folder is shared and the the sharing user has been given read/write rights. SMB is turned on in the options for the OS X account and the sharing account. Under advanced options on the share folder I have allow guest access turned on, and I have applied the permissions to enclosed items.

The user can connect to the share and I can save it, but when I go to add a favourite froth share, it only lists the Public Folder, not the shared folder.




I tried to do like you and have the same issue. I am running macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
(note that I cannot even connect from another Mac, so it is a MacOS bug or there is something we are missing)

But using another (non sharing only) account, the shared folder does appear in Infuse on the Apple TV.
If you use a standard account (no need for it to have administrator privileges), this should work.
And by the way you only need read access in order for Infuse to work.
(but of course you also need write access if you want to enable file management in Infuse, which I personally avoid for local folders).

Since using SMB forces you to store the macOS password in a less secure way (which is OK if you use a dedicated account, I use NFS to share my media with Infuse.
There is a very good -and free to use- utility called NFSmanager which can handle the setup.
It is quite easy once you understand that NFS access rights are IP address based (there is no account).

If your home network is secure, you can give read access to the shared folder for everyone.
Or if you want a bit more security (as I do), you can give read access to specific IP addresses (I do so for my Macs, iOS devices and Apple TV). For this to work you have to assign them fixed IP addresses. So only do this part if you know how to do this.

Hope this helps and have a great day!

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Have you set the check box for “Shared Folder” in the “Get Info” window for the drives and folders you want to share?

Using standard user worked, thanks to jrmec.49364 for the tip.

The weird thing is that it worked in the past, even with High Sierrra. The only thing that changed is I decided to wipe and rebuild my iMac with a fresh install of the OSX (wow, what a difference it makes after four or five years of in-place OS updates). Somehow doing a fresh install instead of an in-place update seems to have changed something - I assume some legacy element in the OS disappeared, perhaps an API or something…

NC Bullseye: Yes that box was checked. Thanks for the tip.


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