Only one instance of Infuse can run files from a networked drive

Hi all,

I’m running Infuse on two 4k Apple TVs and an iPad, all playing content from a networked HDD. This was all fine until I upgraded the networked drive from a 2TB Seagate to a 6TB Seagate.

Since then I’ve been seeing the message ‘An error occurred loading this content’. For the life of me I couldn’t work out why but tonight I think I’ve figured it out. I think the issue is when trying to play more than one file on more than one device. For example, one Apple TV is currently happily playing a movie streamed from the networked HDD, but trying to play something else from that drive using Infuse on any of the other devices results in the ‘An error occurred loading this content’ message.

Has anyone heard of this before? I thought HDDs were capable of handling multiple networked devices using them - my last one certainly did.

Any advice would be very welcome - thank you.

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Can you play a file from all devices one at a time as long as that device is the only one accessing the networked drive?

What kind of network server are you using?

How are you connected to that server? DLNA, SMB, FTP, etc?

Are all devices on the same apple ID and iCloud account?

Thank you!

Yes, that’s right.

The HDD is plugged into an Apple AirPort Time Capsule.

I’m not sure - I navigate to the drive through the Shares menu in Infuse.


How did you format the 6GB drive? Mac or PC (macOS Extended format or FAT32)

Did you set up the sharing privileges for the new drive?

There’s a good Apple support doc here’

To find out what protocol you’re using go to “Settings” > Under Network “Shares” > Select the share you are using under “Saved Shares” > “Edit Share” > It will be listed beside the “Protocol” label.

It’s Mac formatted.

Yes, everyone has read and write.

Thank you, all seems to be setup correctly. As I say, I can use it from one device perfectly fine. It’s when more than two devices try to access the drive that the issue appears.

Any chance to check this?

How are the ATVs connected to the AirPort, WiFi or Ethernet?

If WiFi, as a test can you try Ethernet cables?

The reason I ask is sometimes WiFi gets a bit strange when streaming. The AirPort may be giving priority to the first streamer instead of sharing the bandwidth.