Only mono audio on alpha 8 (2/12/21)


just downloaded alpha 8, I found a weird bug, when I open the app, and try to play a file it plays as stereo, but when I skip back or close the play, it only plays mono.

Also when I play next file (autoplay in TV show) or close and open the same file, it plays mono again.

I am using headphones for this (wired).

My specs are:

macOS Big SUr 11.1
Macbook Pro (13-in 2016)

Same issue for me.

Where can I see if current sound output is stereo or mono?

If you have some headphones, just put them on and if you only hear sound from one side…then you’re on mono :slight_smile:

So the issue is rather you only got sound in left or right channel?
I’m unable to replicate the issue.

Any particular reason choosing not to update to Big Sur 11.2.1?

Ah yes, I forgot about 11.2.1 (that is indeed my current version). I just get left channel audio through my headphones (wired via 3.5mm jack).

Happens for me as well now

MacOS 11.2.1 Infuse 6.6.3452 playing 4K MKV rips of Coco, The Amazing SpiderMan 2, Avengers Engame, etc. all I get is static for audio.

Per the first post in this thread it may help to submit a diagnostic report

Also you may want to specify what type of audio codec is being used in the files having issues.

Thanks. Sorry for not reading instructions.


The video is being served from a QNAP NAS via Plex. There are a lot of audio codecs. If I play it in Plex the default audio is English (TrueHD 7.1).

Also having audio issues. When moving to the next episode or skipping with the left/right arrow, the audio pops and then the right speaker goes mute.

Do you know if this was happening in the earlier alpha builds?

Wasn’t happening on either the previous builds. H.264 / DD5.1.

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I just installed the beta so I never used a previous build.

Tested again with 3452. First I tried Coco and it worked! Got just static with Avengers Engame, SpiderMan 2. Played Coco again and it failed with static. All are TrueHD 7.1.

Hello @james ,

Like @robkewit “When moving to the next episode or skipping with the left/right arrow, the audio pops and then the right speaker goes mute.”

It’s the same for me, big issue (not in Alpha 7, I have roll back) and it’s worse with my bluetooth’s HeadPhones (QC35 II), big noise on the right speaker.

App Version : Alpha 8
My setup : MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) ; Big Sur 20D74

No problem with this codec :

@james A request :
An “information” display panel for the media being played would be nice (especially in developer mode). With the name of the file, the codecs used, ect … (Command + i)

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Am facing the same issue, am using alpha 8 on
Macbook Pro 2015 i7.

You may want to give details of what you’re seeing since there are multiple problems earlier in the thread so we’d know for sure what specific problem you’re facing. If it’s the same as a recent post you could also use the “Reply” button on their post.

my apologies… i thought i was replying to latest post… Same issue of audio disappearing from right earphone…

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I have audio issues too when skipping in a video with a TrueHD 7.1 audio track. Sound in the remaining speaker distorted, or low volume in 1 speaker and popping sound in the other. No such issues with the previous alphas (as far as I’m aware!). If I switch to the DD 5.1 audio track I have no issues. 15" MBP 2015

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