Only Infuse can't play movies on DROPBOX

It’s all very strange. My Dropbox refuses to work with infuse at all. Although it worked for some time, literally 2 plays, after that it does not work for the 3rd day.

That’s how I decided to switch from Google drive to Dropbox)

After 3 days, infuse worked with Dropbox, I uploaded the details to Apple TV 2023, and all the errors again, infuse can’t play absolutely anything with Dropbox.

I will update the post with new logs just in case. I noticed when dropbox starts working with infuse, the details for movies and shows are re-uploaded, and after dropbox stops working with infuse.


I noticed that if infuse does not load parts for dropbox, then everything is fine. After

Downloading parts movies do not start, you get some kind of ban on infuse.


Do you have any thoughts? Can this be fixed in the next updates?

Yes, I’m very worried about it, because now all my main video content is on dropbox.

I update the post. dropbox does not work with infuse.


Can you at least make files available on apple tv? So you can go to dropbox directly, or disable indexing on dropbox.

Without infuse indexing, dropbox works perfectly. As soon as there is indexing, dropbox is blocked for infuse - that is, it’s in a ban.

Here we see clear problems with the dropbox API on the infuse side.

My dropbox is getting Bun for more and more days. I can’t figure out why this is happening to infuse. Apparently it exchanges metadata with dropbox and they see that copyrighted content is being played and block it. This does not happen in other applications.

Who has a business account and has the same problems as me?

Dropbox users, get your feedback!

You can close the discussion. It’s all right. It turns out that the problem was hidden in the trial version of the business account, there were many restrictions.

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Thanks for following up!

This matches up with the 409 error we were seeing in the logs, which we were unable to find more detail on.

Hopefully this info will help others in the future who may be running into similar issues.

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