Only find DLNA Server when Internet is avaible


I have a RavPower Mobile DLNA Server (File Hub Plus). DLNA an SMB works with Infuse 3 perfect! BUT: When I use the RavPowerwithout Internet connection (on holiday for example) then Infuse dont find any server! No DLNA no SMB! VLC finds both and streams Videos!
When I connect the RavPower to my LAN or my WLAN DLNA and SMB is avaible after a few seconds! Disconnect RavPower from the internet and restart Infuse: No DLNA or SMB!

I think it is a bug that Infuse need Internet to find DLNA or SMB Servers or?


Not sure why you are seeing your symptoms, but infuse definitely does not require internet access to see an SMB server. I do not have the device you mention, but I have an Apatop and an AirStash both of which I use when travelling to access and play movies from without an internet connection. I wonder if there is some sort of delay happening for you as infuse tries to find appropriate metadata?

I have a RavPower FileHub, which uses SMB, and I don’t need an Internet connection for Infuse to work with it. Make sure that you are connecting to the FileHub with the LAN IP, not an Internet IP. If it still doesn’t work, it may be a problem with your FileHub Plus, rather than Infuse.