only few apps under nito after updating to 4.1

After updating to 4.1 even though all Apps are installed, only very few such as XBMC, Boxee, VPN show up in Nito application. How do I get Firefox, Air Mouse, Couch Surfer, etc… to work? I didn’t have this problem with previous version. Do I need to login to Apple TV and manually copy apps to Application folder? if yes, where do I Firefox and other apps individual files? I am lost!!!


I think if you look at Maintenance / Manage Plug-Ins you can install the latest versions of them from there ?

I did and still no apps are showing under Nito but XBMC and Boxee.

Same thing here. NO FIREFOX. Go to MAINTENANCE MENU and hi-light the FIREFOX option. If it is installed and not working you can reinstall it. “You can uninstall FIREFOX by highlighting the “FIREFOX” option and pressing the right arrow (>>) button.” Follow onscreen options. Then restart the finder and (reinstall Firefox/restart finder again)… This worked for me.