Only favorites...????

I have the free version which - according to James - was automagically upgraded to pro as I have the full iOS version.

Anyway: after installation I immediately added 2 shares as favorites. Now when I open infuse I’m only seeing those favorites and nothing else (of course I can access the settings).

Is this it or am I missing something? Like a view with all movies/series in one list and/or filters like in the iOS version (by date, genre etc).?

I also have no access to subtitles - this is really annoying…

Can somebody please tell me what kind of other screens there should be besides “Favorites” and “Settings” and how to access them? :wink:

I think the “home screen” only shows folders you have marked as favourites… so really you should mark your root folders as favourites to get them to show up (for example, your root Movies, root TV Shows folders).

This is exactly what I did - still I only see those 4 icons with a star each…

Right, you see the root folders you marked as favourites. That’s all the home screen shows (normal behaviour).