Only Black Screen after loss of primary usb drive

Help! I have a 40GB aTV with aTV Flash and had declared the external usb drive as primary storage. (750GB WD Essential SE)  Had some problems along the way and at one point I have totally reformatted and hence deleted the external harddrive as I wanted to switch back to internal drive as primary storage. However, I had not changed the storage settings back to internal drive before I reformatted the hard disc. And now when I start aTV the opening sequence runs normakky but afterwards the screen just stays black. I can still hear some clicking sounds when I use the remote and after a few minutes the screensaver still appears on the screen... that's all!! Hope you guys can help as my new ATV is now totally useless. Should also mention that I do not have a MAC! Help! 

Same problem here, though I didn’t reformat the drive.  Just have two separate aTVs that demonstrate same behavior described by marcof.6399.  Opening sequence runs then goes black and can hear click of remote through audio, but nothing on screen.  Would appreciate a reply from Firecore.

If all else fails, you can perform a Factory Restore through the Recovery menu. This will allow you to start with a fresh AppleTV.