OneDrive sync too slow

Everytime I add new content to my library via OneDrive, it takes more and more time to sync everything. And I am talking about adding 10 new movies in a less than 500 titles library.

First, to search movie subfolders in OneDrive, it takes more time to load the top folder if there are more titles. Like 10 seconds or more to load a top folder.

Second, after adding manually the metadata to each movie (I generally add 10 movies per week), it takes decades to add those movies to the recently added list or genre lists. More than 30 minutes sometimes.

If this is happening to a 500 titles library, I can’t imagine it with thousands of titles.

I am navigating in a 200Mb/s network, just to clarify.

Can you try running a speed test for OneDrive and see what kind of numbers you get?

Here is the speed test from Infuse and one from Google speed test, just to compare. I am not having any trouble with streaming. It works perfectly. My problem is with metadata updates.