OneDrive access token problem

I have three Apple TVs (two 4Ks, one HD) with Infuse installed, all of which are (or are supposed to be) accessing two OneDrive shares.

One of the shares is one I’ve had for a couple of years now, while the other one is a few weeks old.

The two 4K ATVs are working fine, but the HD one can neither access the original share that it always did, nor can it see the new one at all.

When I try to play from the original share I get the message, “Access token is no longer valid. To access your share, please sign in on a mobile iOS device with iCloud Sync enabled”. I also get a OneDrive indexing failure message when scanning for changes in the library.

I’m not sure what it is suggesting I sign in to, but iCloud Sync is enabled in Infuse on all my ATVs, iPhone and iPad.

I’m at a loss as to why both my ATV 4Ks and my mobile devices work, but not my ATV HD. Please can somebody help?

Do you have other sources of video files (other than OneDrive) on the HD ATV that play fine?

Also if you have multiple users on the HD ATV you have to be using the default user for Infuse to work with iCloud sync.

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Other sources? Not in Infuse, I don’t - I’ve only ever connected to OneDrive.

Your comment about the default user gave me an idea though. I only have one user setup, but I wondered whether signing out of iCloud and back in would solve it, and it did.

Problem solved! Thank you.

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