One year subscription question

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Just a small and simpe question. I noticed that if you buy ATV Flash, you get a 1-year subscription… what I didn’t quite get is wether you’re buying an app with a 1-year worth of free updates, or really a 1-year subscription. I wouldn’t want my ATV Flash to simply stop working after a year :P

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The 1-year applies to updates only. When installed, aTV Flash (black) will continue to work indefinitely, until you uninstall it - you just may not be able to access some new features if your license has expired.

I figured it had to be something like that… thanks for the response :slight_smile:
Basically the same as any other program you buy. It’ll work indefinitely (if I uninstall it I can always re-install it after all), but in that case it’s usually all the 1.x updates that are free… in your case it’s a lot easier: a full year of free updates, and after that it’s the buyer’s choice wether or not to renew that service.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification… I can’t wait to see it working on my soon-to-order ATV2! :)