One video file displayed multiple times with Infuse

I had to reconnect my WD MyCloud with the Apple TV and Infuse via UPNP, and all of a sudden a lot of video files (especially serie episodes) are shown multipe times. I have categorized the series into folders on the NAS and there is obviously only one file per episode in the folder. But with Infuse, for example Serie X → Season 1 → has five episodes 1, five episodes 2 etc. Very annoying, does anyone recognize this issue and knows how to fix it?

Secondly, when connecting the NAS via NFS (or SMB), this problem does not occur. However, NFS ignores the folder structure and just displayes all the underlying files. This is the case when only one file is in a folder. When there is another folder in the main folder (example season 1 in a series folder) it does work correct. So how can I just see the folder structure and not the underlying files?

So, recap: UPNP: showing one file multiple times. NFS: ignoring folder structure and displaying all video files at once.

Hope someone can help me with the issues above!

Regards, Robin

This is an issue that can appear with UPnP and DLNA shares in some cases.

In essence, these device can sometimes reindex everything stored on the drive and present a new list of files to Infuse. In some cases, this will cause Infuse to see duplicates of certain files until the device completes its update.

If things have not changed after awhile, you may try using the ‘Clear all Metadata’ option found in Infuse > Settings, which will cause Infuse to rescan the device from scratch and clear out any duplicate entries.