One show playing awkward with folder grouping

I have the Homeland series and S 1-5 are all correctly grouped by Infuse into Season Folders in both TV Shows (a favourite location) and in Library View and displays the following when any episode is selected:

Homeland - S# ● E# - episode name

For Season 6 however, in the TV Shows (favourite location) view the episodes are just strung out and when selecting an episode you get merely the episode name, not Homeland - S6 ● E# - episode name? Season 6 will not appear at all in Library View either but instead are listed under ‘Other’. Almost as if it’s got hung up somewhere on the naming despite the naming being EXACTLY the same as every other episode that DO display correctly. Also, if I select one of the episodes I seem to get every other episode in every season strung out in a row before it???

On the iPhone and iPad the show / all seasons (1-6) are correctly displayed and grouped into folders under the TV Shows View

What could be making it play up under this specific view for this specific show / season? Do I have to clear metadata or is there a way to get JUST this season to refresh? I’ve even tried deleting the whole folder for Season 6 and adding it again. I could try deleting all metadata and starting again I suppose (except for the time it takes to rebuild it all!!) but why is this belligerent bloody season picking up OK on the IOS devices, just not on the ATV app? Even if I try the Edit Meta Data it just spins round then boots me back out the episode in Other view. Still just strings out the episodes with just the episode names in the ATV app.

There’s a bug we’re working to resolve for 5.3 that is affecting some TV shows if they were added after Infuse completed it’s initial fetching.

In the meantime, if you use the Edit option for one of the episodes of the affected season Infuse should refresh and get the correct info for the entire season.

Thanks. If I open one of the rogue episodes, select Edit it opens up the Metadata edit screen. I select the right programme. I then get a spinning wheel on the metadata banner.

Infuse then goes a bit haywire, seems like it crashes out to the Homeland Series folder with EVERY SINGLE Homeland episode listed, then jumps and correctly groups S 1-5 but all the S6 rogue episodes are still there, sitting on their own. So that’s not fixing it in this case. Is it a TVDB issue also I wonder? That said. The TVDB does actually have all the listings for S6.

Maybe I’ll just delete the show or even the entire share / favourite and re-add it. Or delete the app and re-install. But, IIRC I tried deleting the share already. Even if it takes a time to rebuild what’s the best failsafe way to erase the lot and start again. I’d rather have one solution that takes an hour to rebuild the metadata rather than trying 20 fixes for 15 minutes at atime that aren’t working.

Odd that they are grouped correctly on the iPhone, just not on the ATV so it looks like an ATV specific bug.

I had a similar experience with a few episodes a while back and came to find out there was an invisible character in the file name that showed up as a space in the finder. It appears to be a case when someone either used an app to bulk rename or they did a copy and paste from a questionable source.

Once I renamed the file by typing in the entire name as it was supposed to be everything worked as advertised. Just a thought.

Just tried that, same result. Thanks anyway. Had a feeling it might not be the answer in this because the episodes shouldn’t be grouped and listed correctly on the iPhone and iPad if there was a file naming issue I would think. I think as James says, this is one of those rogue shows / events where the file names have been changed subsequent to Infuse getting the metadata following initial setup.

What bothers me more is that I hope this isn’t going to happen with every other show I add in future which, by default, will be getting it’s metadata after the initial Infuse setup fetch. That would be a real drag. In fact. I think I’ll check that that is not the case prior to the trial expiring. Hopefully the next version will fix this bug. These few episodes I can live with for now, but not if it happens to any new series I add.

So I guess there’s only two options:

Delete the ATV 4 app fully and re-install


Wait for the next update to see if the bug is fixed

Just by way of an update, I’ve since added a few episodes in different series and thankfully, in all but this one case, they have not suffered from the episodes not being absorbed into the correct series folders. So that’s a relief!!!

This one series though still persists in being awkward.