One of my Favourites Folders is a mess.

Dear All,


  • Apple TV 4
  • Synology 713+
  • SMB protocol

The Synology has a standard Share, named “videos”
On that share i made a Folder (In Apple’s Finder), i made this Folder a Favourite.
In that folder i have made several sub folders with video material. (also done in Finder)

Now, on the Home screen, i navigate to the Favourite.
Now, most of the subfolders are not visible.
Also there are some video items visible that i haven’t added at all (how weird)
Further more, there is one video file visible on top level, that is really in a sub folder. (how weird)

So the made Favourite folder with it’s subfolders is a total mess and doesn’t reflect how i can see all these in Apple’s Finder at all.

Can someone please shed a light on this ?


I had similar problem with smb. Frankly speaking very unstable and did not fetch meta data or thumbs as it did on my iOS devices.

I have  tv
Synology ds214+

I used login with user and password which made the structure stable (I don’t have issues on my iPad or iPhone with smb though)

Furthermore I found out that sub folders in any type of media range will render in meta data will not work properly. I had to delete all empty folders/sub folders/folders with subtitles etc etc. Now all looks same/similar to iOS.

I don’t know if that helps you since there may be variations in your folder structure which make your issue different - however hope it gives some,pointers.


Thank you for your kind help.
Really s*cks in my opinion.


Although I haven’t actively used Infuse since one of the early versions on ATV Black, despite owning it for iOS, I can also let you know what I ended up in terms of structure wise:


  • Each in a directory with: Movie Name (Year)
  • Video File, Subs files (idx srt etc), Poster, NFO etc all within the same directory with the same name as the directory. ie. Movie Name (Year).mkv, Movie Name (Year).srt…


  • Each Show in a directory Show Name (Year if multiple)
  • If only one season, all video files in the show directory.
  • If multiple seasons, directory for each season: Season 0 (for specials), Season 1, Season 2 etc.
  • The scraper can handle different naming formats but I went with Show Name - S00E00 - Episode Name.mkv (Checkout theRenamer on windows if you need to fix/change a lot of files, its really fast and will validate with MovieDB or TVDB.

Now the only issue I have is directories like “Network Trash Folder” and “Temporary Items”, as well as unplayable/recognizable DVD/ISO directories showing up. It would be great if there would be a way to hid unrecognized content in a later release.

Also, if you happen to have XBMC/KODI/MrMC as well, the structure above is also easily interpreted by them.