One list for all content in Home Screen

I want to view content from all file sources, without having to wait for a refresh every time. This is more like Recently Added, but always shows everything.

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Are you using the direct mode from a server like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin?

No, I use Cloud Services .

Like dropbox or google?

Yes, Aliyun Drive & Dropbox. Waiting for them to refresh takes a long time.

Well there’s really no way that Infuse could know if there has been content added or removed from remote sites without taking the time to query them.

Often the longer scan time is due to network traffic speeds from the cloud services since their not really in the streaming business.

There are currently improvements being worked on to help.

I moved your post to the thread discussing these changes and note that the thread is tagged as “in progress” so it’s being worked on. :wink:

Please don’t close my thread. What I am saying is that it is possible to have a list of everything. It has nothing to do with what source it’s from, understand it as merging the Movies and the TV Shows .

I was going by your statement

That is what this thread will help with.

So you’re asking for a single recently added with both TV shows and movies on the ATV like it is on the Mac version?

The Recently Added list already includes Movies and TV Shows, but it has some filtering mechanism that prevents me from seeing everything from shares.

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I’m having a difficult time understanding exactly what you want. Do you want to see the TV shows and Movies merged or are they already merged?

What platform are you discussing? ATV, Mac, iOS?

I’m just trying to understand what you are currently seeing and what you want to see different.

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