One library multiple location


i’m trying to add just one library but my movies are on 3 hard drive almost 3 full hard drive

With Plex we can add multiple location for one library

Can we do the same with Infuse? or not

if it’s possible can someone help me

thank you

Should be able to. Just add the three locations; there should only be one library.

I have my 4k collection on 3 different hard drive

d:\ e:\ f:\

if i do that i have 3 librairies from my pc i don’t want to use PLEX because he’s crashing for some reason these days

i’m trying Jellyfin it’s working not crashing like Plex

but if i only use Infuse adding directories from my network (PC) it will make 3 librairies or i’m doing it all wrong

Three shares. One library.

Make sure you are browsing the library, and not the folders.