One favourite: multiple assets!

I don’t if this will make any sense to anyone, or if you can already do this! But for the life of me I can’t see how!
I have synology nas with five hdd’s. All hdd’s are as separate volumes (the reason for this is of one fails I don’t loose the whole lot) the problem is that I have so many movies / tv shows that they are all spread over the different volumes, and the only way I can see to add these to infuse is too add them as favourite. The problem is that I have five favourites all as movies instead of blending them into one!
Is there something that can be done about this??

Bad news: You cant, right now. But maybe you can set up a dlna server and add the shares that way? Different volumes in one share should be possible then.
Good news: This feature is going to be added in future releases.

This is really surprising to me that the app doesn’t function this way. I was really dissapointed about this.
Lets say you have alot of movies, all these movies will most likely not fit on one drive.

Personally I have media scattered on 3 drives, now I must name favorites Movies1, Movies2, Movies3…
Not very nice, and I need to remember which movies are on which favorites…

You should not swear in church, but is Plex just as bad?

This is in the works for 4.2.

Stay tuned. :wink:

Any release date for this upcoming version?

OT: James, you look like Dexter in you photo :wink:

No exact ETA, but it’s looking like a May release (this is always subject to change of course).

PS - Ha, hadn’t hear that one before, but I think you may have a solid case. :wink:

Was this feature eliminated from the 4.2 version?

Actually, this is exactly what Library View is, as it will group content from multiple sources and display in one place.

That makes sense :slight_smile:

Following up on that; is it possible to add more sections? For now I see “Movies” and “TV Series”, but is it possible to add:

  • documentaries
  • concerts
  • kids

You could make a favorite based on genre in Library view