One Episode don't get the Metadata

Hi there from Germany,
I’ve this problem since the first fetch of metadata and I can’t solve it. If I try to get the metadata for Game of Thrones Ep 1-6 for Ep 5 infuse don’t fetch the metadata

Folders are like :
…\Serien\Game of Thrones\Season 5
…\Serien\Game of Thrones\Season 6
Files are like:

they’re all named the same but I’ve this problem only with this one ep

Thanks for help,

Can you provide the exact file name for this episode? Do you have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled in Infuse > Settings?

Fetching metadata is activated. All episodes from season 5 have this problem. They are named:

The folder also contains the .idx and .sub files for subtitles

Edit: sorry I thought this problem only caught one ep. But as I wrote it’s the full season 5

Are these the exact file names or are you typing them in your post? Are there no extensions after the “e01”?

Could you copy and past the exact file name for one of the season 5 episodes that is not working right?

One thing to try is to eliminate the “.” between the “s05” and the “e01” so it’s “game.of.thrones.s05e01.ext”.

Thanks for the help all of you. The filenames where directly copy&paste from the win explorer. I’ve tryed to rename the files as you explained but this didn’t solve the Problem (renamed the files–>went to my atv–>opened infuse–>went to tv Shows–>Long press on one of the episodes that didn’t fetch the metadata–>edit metadata–>choose Game of Thrones–>infuse feched the metadate for season1-4 and 6 but not 5)

You may want to check the season 5 folder by long pressing on it and see if it got set to use local metadata instead of fetching it. That would affect the whole season 5.

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That was the reason. Thank you, I had to check the option show as list after–>went to the shows and the folder–> there was the online fetching disabled.

Thanks, problem solved

Glad to help!

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