Once FireCore is Installed... & I'm browsing the net...

I understand I can browse the net with FireCore installed, however, I’m confused about one point…

On sites where I need to fill in a username and password to gain access - is that possible in the FireCore environment and how does that happen using the Apple remote?



When clicking on a text box you’ll be presented with an onscreen keyboard similar to the one found at the link below.

Very Cool!!!

One final question…

Will be able to go to utilize Hulu online??? (navigating via the browser and watching Hulu content.)

Unfortunately Adobe Flash is not supported, so no Hulu.

Sorry.  :frowning:


Projections as to “when” flash will be available?

Also I’ve read where some access Hulu with through XBMC. What’s the reality of that with aTVFlash?

Not great at the moment. More details on our adventures with Flash can be seen here: http://blog.firecore.com/3856

AFAIK, Hulu worked in XBMC for a short while but was quickly blocked, and is not currently working.

So… internet streaming video is out of the question…?

HTML5 video works great!




But no youtube or tv streaming… :frowning:

YouTube will work if you opt into the HTML5 trial.