On TMDB but not in Infuse

Hi all

The movie « The Colour of Magic » can be found in TMDB but Infuse doesn’t list it in the metadata search (I also tried the german title - no avail).


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I see the movie name but could you provide how you have the file named for this movie you’re having problems with?

After doing some digging it appears that “The Colour of Magic” is not a movie but a 2 episode TV series. When you search on TMDB it comes up but if you read closely it shows the Type as “Mini Series”

It’s also on TVDB as a series.

It should be two separate videos and you’d name them “The Colour of Magic S01E01.ext” and “The Colour of Magic S01E02.ext” to have Infuse pull the artwork and metadata from TVDB.

Ok, will try that…