On my network share is list of avi's,anyway to show coverart

I now have with ATV Flash with nitoTV. On my windows PC share I can now see the list of my avi files. Is there anyway to show cover art for the files, any maybe descriptions etc, like it does on the AppleTV menu. They are all in one folder on my network drive.

I basically want it like the inbuilt AppleTV whereby it shows cover art and description, rating etc. Is this possible or with any app?


You can get cover art next to the movies list in the files menu.

You have to copy your art to /Library/Application Support/nito/images via a FTP tool. Name the cover art files the same as the movie file, but with extension .jpg

There’s no description with it.

You can also place the image file in the same location as the movie file. GIve them both the same name.

E.G. Marley and Me.avi and Marley and Me.jpg