“On Deck” selection behaviour

This is a really minor point, but it’s something that I think could be improved.

Say you have 3 TV shows in your On Deck, and you select the third show (furthest to the right), and play the next episode. Once it’s finished, the show will move to the far left of the On Deck, as it’s now the most recently played show. But the selected show is still the one furthest to the right, even though this is a different show now as the list has been re-ordered.

It would be great if Infuse could keep your “cursor” on the same show, even after the list has been re-ordered.

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I meant to say, I’m talking about tvOS.

Some questions:

This is an old issue that was never fixed?

As for the issue as it exists today,

Which device?
Which generation device?
Which version of Apple operating system?
Which version of Infuse?

Yes it’s been an issue for years now.

Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot to say. I’m talking about tvOS. This is on the Apple TV 4K 2022, with the latest infuse update and the latest tvOS update. But it’s been happening since I was using the 1st gen Apple TV 4K in 2021.

Here is an example video (with the playing of the episode cut out to save time).

Notice The Simpsons is selected, on the right. I press Play, and the episode plays. Once the episode is finished, we return to the home screen of Infuse, but now The Simpsons is on the left, as it is the most recently played. But the selected show is now Family Guy, as that is what is now in the far right position of On Deck. So you have to navigate left to select The Simpsons again.

This is obviously a minor issue, but it can be quite annoying when you have a lot of media in your On Deck.

I’ve never noticed this issue myself, but I can confirm the behavior is as you describe on my Apple TV; running only Infuse version: 7.5 (4382)

It’s likely I haven’t noticed because I generally don’t leave the series I’m watching and exit all the way back out to the main menu unless I’m done watching that series and moving on to something else. Perhaps that’s why Up Next was designed to highlight the next item in the list? I can’t really know if that’s the intended behavior or not, unless Firecore comments.

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Fair enough, I wonder if most people navigate the app as you do. I just like pressing Play without going into the show, saves another button press having to come out of the show again later.

Just to clarify, On Deck doesn’t select the next show, it selects whatever show is in the position that your show was in when you pressed Play. So in my example, if The Simpsons was in, say, position 5, the selection would still be on whatever show is now in position 5, even though The Simpsons would have moved to position 1 (on the far left). If you selected a show from the middle of On Deck, after playing the selection would be on whatever show now happened to be in the middle.

But if you go into the show and press play, you won’t be kicked out again when the episode ends. If continuous playback is on, you just skip right to the next episode. :man_shrugging:t2:

I like to jump between different shows, so I’d have to go into and then back out of each show :smile:

Like I said, I’m sure it’s not an issue for most people, just something I find slightly annoying.

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You are not alone in your usage case or indeed frustration.

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