On Deck limit is too short with Jellyfin

Hey guys! Loving the 6.4 update, the no spoiler option is fantastic. The only problem I’ve hit is that On Deck is limited to 6 entries with Jellyfin shares. This doesn’t occur with Plex shares (where I have probably 15 or so).

Things seem to bump each other off, and it sure looks like Infuse is only grabbing the first ‘page’ of results for the Up Next feature from Jellyfin, as that’s also conveniently 6 :smiley: but can scroll to another page to see the next set of up next items.

Thought I’d log a post here to see if you’re aware of this issue.


  • Brandon
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Thanks for the report!

We’ll take a look at this.

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Awesome! Thanks! Another small thing I’ve noticed is it detects quite a bit of my anime as HDR when they’re not. Interesting but harmless bug.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of how the video specs appear in Jellyfin?

Jellyfin doesn’t have an explicit HDR tag, so we have to make some assumptions based on the reported specs. It seems this could use a bit of fine tuning.

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I figured it out! So I had both Plex and jellyfin added as sources for the share. There seemed to be some odd interaction between them, so I removed the Plex share and boom, on deck populated correctly.

Thanks for the follow-up!

We’ll take a deeper look into this, but glad you are back on track for now.

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