On Deck has disappeared or is empty on all platforms


I’ve recently noticed that On Deck has gone missing from all platforms. I first noticed it with the Mac OS app, then with the Apple TV app, and as of yesterday it is also missing from my iPad’s app. All that remains is the “Up Next” section with the huge thumbnails showing way less information than before, and displaying seasons instead of the next episode’s number.

Is there any way to get back the On Deck feature?


No, that feature is gone since Plex and other services decided to merge these lists.

Is it? I have the latest Plex app on both my MacBook and my iPhone and “Continue Watching” is still there. The “On Deck” and “Continue Watching” rows are merged into one but the new merged list is still more informative than Infuse’s “Up next” is as it shows which episode will play instead of having a progress bar. It also doesn’t take as much space. Is there a way to configure “Up next” to be similar to Plex’s “Continue watching”? The thumbnails are seriously unnecessarily big.

For example I can see all 13 TV Shows/Movies I have started on Plex whereas with Infuse I have to continuously click the arrow to access the older elements because it only shows three thumbnails. There also seems to be a bug where Infuse will scroll the “Up next” list all the way to the right when an episode ends, forcing you to manually scroll back to get to the first item.

I was referring mostly to the merging of rows in my original reply and the post by Infuse staff that the On Deck list will stop working soon. This implies to me that there is no “way to get back the On Deck feature”.

Yeah, I dislike this as well. Plex is now better than Infuse from a design perspective and I actually switched back for now.
Despite the merging of lists, I would also prefer the cover view from Plex.

That makes sense. I honestly never paid attention to the rows’ names until I noticed that it disappeared from Infuse, so I had no idea they were merged and not just removed.

I also switched back to Plex specifically because of that change, so hopefully something can be done about it.

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It seems a lot of users dislike the UI and would prefer posters instead of video thumbnails. Maybe liking the comments below will help, who knows…

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